S5 is an important year in every pupil’s school career. It is a critical year for academic assessment as achievements in Higher exams will be significant for university entrance requirements and future career aspirations. S5 pupils choose five courses, usually including Higher English, from a range of options.
S6 is the culmination of thirteen years of school; it offers additional responsibilities and opportunities, and it acts as a bridge between school life and, for most pupils, the world of study at university. S6 is an invaluable year for developing personal and social skills as well as for adding to academic and intellectual achievements. Classes are smaller in size and through tutorial and seminar work, pupils can experience something of the university style of teaching and learning. S6 pupils can choose a combination of courses from a very wide range of Higher, Advanced Higher, National 5, GCSE, AS Level and enhancement courses.
As a community, we highly value the impact of outdoor and cultural experiences on the personal and social development of our pupils. S5 pupils participate in Projects, a week of out-of-school excursions and activities where pupils choose from a broad range of outdoor and cultural projects which are designed to challenge and broaden the horizons of our young people.

Tradition of Academic Success


  • 84.8% S5 Higher A-B Passes

  • 64.4% S5 Higher A Passes

  • 95.9% S5 Higher A-C Passes

  • 62 S5 pupils achieved five As Higher


  • 75.5% S6 Advanced Higher A-B Passes

  • 47.3% A pass in Advanced Higher out of 372 entries

  • 91.7% S6 Advanced Higher A-C Passes

  • 99% offered first choice university
  • 96% average S6 Leavers go on to Higher and Further Education

Broad Curriculum

Burnett Scholarships are available for pupils entering S5 and S6 from other schools.

S5 choose from 32 Highers.

S6 choose from 35 Highers and 25 Advanced Highers.

RGC Online Diploma Modules

The RGC Online Diploma programme is also available to S5 and S6 RGC Pupils to advance their knowledge of technology. Modules can be completed as stand-alone qualifications, or combined to be awarded a diploma.

Pupils can enrol for these self-study modules at any time between August - May each school year and each module takes approximately 10 hours to complete.


Artificial Intelligence at Robert Gordon's College

Learn about the ethics of artificial intelligence and how to to design, use, and think about AI.


Explore the world of data and the tools and techniques used to analyse and solve problems.     


Learn the fundamentals of game design mechanics, dynamics, aesthetics and technology.


Learn the importance of cyber security both as individuals and a profession by exploring common cyber security risks, including web application security risks and malware.


Entrepreneurship at Robert Gordon's College

Developing your entrepreneurial spirit in order to be a motivated change maker who has the tools to approach any problem with confidence.                                                 


Dive into the fascinating world of Quantum Computing in this concise course, unraveling the mysteries of qubits, quantum algorithms, and the potential to revolutionise computation. Launching August 2024.