Supporting appropriate career aspirations which match the interests and talents of our pupils is an integral part of the pastoral programme within the College. Our pastoral team, including the Head of Careers and Head of Universities, is on hand to provide individual support and to advise pupils about their subject choices prior to entering Third, Fifth and Sixth year.
The pastoral team is also responsible for liaising with outside agencies, including employers and universities across the country, and for arranging Higher Education and Careers Conventions for pupils and their families. Pupils are encouraged to attend relevant careers courses, which are advertised through the Daily Bulletin, and all S5 pupils take part in a placement for Work Experience week in June.
With 96% of pupils going on to study at institutions of Higher and Further Education around the world after leaving school, S6 pupils are supported through the university application process and are offered interview practice by College staff and visiting professionals.

Gordon's offers opportunity, choice and support to launch young people to the next stage of their education and future careers.

Upon leaving the school gates pupils join our 8,000 strong Gordonian network across the globe.