The Heads of Guidance seeks to support the academic, personal and social needs of all of all our pupils by ensuring that a highly trained member of the staff knows each pupil well over a number of years, thus developing a relationship of trust and confidence.

Each pupil is assigned to a House (Blackfriars, Collyhill, Sillerton or Straloch). The system is designed so that each pupil should have the same Head of Guidance and Form Teacher for the duration of their Senior School years.

The Heads of Guidance help pupils settle into the school and guide them through subject choice and act as a referee for Higher Education or work. In addition, the Guidance teacher is there to to be a listening ear where any difficulties, either personal or to do with life at school, may arise. They are there to to help young people as they cope with the inevitable stresses and strains of growing up. Guidance teachers work closely with the Heads of the four Houses and the Form Teachers to ensure that pupils are getting the most out of their time at RGC. They also coordinate, comment on and discuss Reports with both pupils and parents.

Guidance Teachers deliver the Personal and Social Education (PSE) programme one period a week to S1-S5 pupils, which deals with issues such as promoting wellbeing, positive relationships and learning to make safe and responsible decisions. There are 10 Heads of Guidance who each study for an additional diploma. Eight of these have responsibility for a group of around 20 pupils in each year group. The other two members of the team provide specialist support for planning for university admission and for careers, organising events and conferences for pupils as they prepare for life beyond school.

Aims of the Heads of Guidance

Support pupils practically and effectively throughout their time in the Senior School.

Provide advice and information in connection with curricular, vocational and career choices that have to be made.

Provide a comprehensive and useful programme of Personal and Social Education.

Assist pupils to have a satisfying, fulfilling and successful experience of the College.