Wellbeing Centre

The highly trained registered nurses at Robert Gordon’s College provides high quality medical care for all pupils from Nursery through to S6. The nurses, along with well trained teachers, aim to promote good physical and psychological health. Healthcare plans are prepared with families for pupils with chronic healthcare needs such as epilepsy, diabetes or allergies. The school Nurses work closely with specialist staff in the National Health Service to ensure that all care provided is research based, current and appropriate to the school setting. Onsite facilities include a dedicated treatment room in Junior School and a new Health and Wellbeing Centre in Senior School.

This year we have opened our Wellbeing Centre providing treatment rooms, a quiet waiting area and a calming space for members of the school community who feel unwell. In addition to supporting the medical care of pupils our nursing team train staff in the care of children who have chronic conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes, asthma and allergy. Supporting the curriculum we also contribute to the Personal and Social Education programme throughout the Junior and Senior School. As Registered Nurses, we work closely with National Health Service (NHS) specialist healthcare professionals to ensure that all care provided is research based,current and appropriate to the school setting.

Mrs KhanSchool Nurse