Blog: Finishing the festive term with a showstopping performance

On Saturday 14th December, various staff members from throughout the College took part in the staff pantomime. Although posing no threat to His Majesty's Theatre’s production of Cinderella, the show starred many of our own celebrities within Robert Gordon's College.

The cast, ranging across all departments within the school, as well as the senior management team, came together over the festive period to produce two show stopping performances of Snow White and the Six and a Half Dwarves.  

The staff panto originated three years ago when, inspired by the Duke of Edinburgh Diamond Challenge, Alad’n Ella was performed under the direction of Miss Boyne, Teacher of Drama. It was thought to be a great way to raise money for charity as well as allowing members of staff to express their hidden talents. After returning from maternity leave, Miss Boyne was inundated by staff members, hoping for the rebirth of the panto. In May, she started to write a new script, and so it began!

The production of the panto came shortly after the school show Legally Blonde, which was also put together by Miss Boyne along with her colleagues from the Drama department, who commented, “They say never work with children and animals - we worked with both on Legally Blonde, and they were incredible! But, then, we had to work with teachers for the panto, and that was a totally different experience!”

The pressure was high within the cast and production team, with worries about Mr Fish forgetting his lines and Mrs McWilliam losing her voice. Unfortunately, on the day of the performances, Mr Fish was unable to perform due to illness; however, Miss Robb came to the rescue, saving the day and stepping in as the Crocodile. And did Mrs McWilliam pull through and manage to belt out ‘Born this Way’? Oh, yes, she did! 

The rough edged performance of Mr Scorgie, including dodgy vocal cords and multiple ad libs, helped the show’s unique personality to shine through, as did the performances of the Head of College, Mr Mills, (as a pirate) and the Director of Finance, Mr Lowden, (as Grippy the Dwarf)! The laughter and enjoyment had by staff and pupils was a great way to bring 2019 at RGC to an end, and the show also raised £1130.00 for local cancer charity, Friends of Anchor

Toni (S6)