Former pupil Molly Heath presents to Business Studies pupils.

Pupils in S3 Business Studies met with Molly Heath (Class of ‘19) to share her experiences in setting up her own business. 

During lockdown, Molly and her mum decided to set up their own company, Essentially You creating handmade, small batch natural soaps, skincare, wax melts and pet products. 

 Molly, a third year Business and Marketing student at the University of Stirling, spoke to pupils about the positives of managing a small start up along with detailing the negatives and challenges budding entrepreneurs may face. She disclosed the legal implications of the initial set up, covering topics such as the impact of Brexit, shedding light on moving from the European legal portal to the UK legal portal, the slowing of production and the impact on her business during this changeover. 

Molly manages the marketing side of the business whilst her mum continues to make all of their handmade products. Pupils were inspired by Molly who is not only enjoying business success at such a young age but is also continuing to learn as she finishes her final years at University. 

While the business continues to grow, Molly explained that she is always on the lookout for ways in which to increase their brand awareness to expand their client base and stressed the importance of making business connections. She is also responsible for forecasting new trends and changes in the industry giving the example that the brand is trying to achieve a strong ethos of using natural products packaged in an eco-friendly way, all in an attempt to save the environment from plastic waste. 

Molly’s final comment to pupils was, “Success is a process in which you need to be passionate about constantly learning in order to achieve. It’s about making those connections and taking those baby steps to get your business to where you want it to be.”

Learn more about Molly’s brand by visiting the Essentially You website, Facebook and Instagram.