CCF summer camp group

Over the first week of the summer break, the RGC Combined Cadet Force (CCF) spent time at the inaugural Exercise Tartan Templar Summer Camp. 

With restrictions preventing pupil attendance at regional and national Army and RAF summer camps this year, the RGC CCF created its very own summer camp taking place at Templars Park and Gordon Barracks. 

Spreading the Summer Camp across two locations allowed year group bubbles to be maintained safely and cadets were able to take part in a range of activities including field craft, shooting, plane crash scenarios and, to end each day, a cookout and campfire.

Mr Sumner said: “The aim of RGC CCF is to provide a disciplined organisation so that our cadets develop qualities of endurance, resourcefulness, self-reliance, leadership, responsibility and a sense of loyalty. These core values have never been more important during these times. 

“The Tartan Templar Summer Camp provided a framework through which these aims could be channeled through the various activities following a fragmented training year during the pandemic. 

“These values and standards help our young cadets to raise their personal and shared attainment whilst reaching their full potential not only during CCF activities but through their time at the College and, more importantly, beyond the school gates in young adulthood and later in life.”