Climate Fringe Week 2021

A collective of pupils from S3 to S6 are running a communications event on Wednesday to grow awareness of the environmental impacts of consumer food choices as part of Climate Fringe Week

Known within the College community as ROAR, the pupils meet on a regular basis to discuss eco matters, sustainability and the improvements which could be made in day to day life. Members include Kirsteen M (S3), David L (S5), Juan A (S5),  Anish S (S6), David L (S6) and Gemma C (S6).

On Wednesday (22 September) the group will be sharing short communications in the Dining Hall on the impacts of food production on the environment and highlighting the positive food choices within the College and when buying food outside the campus.

Prior to the event, a short video and posters created by the group will be shared with form classes during registration to help strengthen the group’s messaging.

Mrs McCulloch and Mrs Watson work closely with the group and said: “We find it inspirational to see how committed the pupils are to tackling climate change. They come to every ROAR meeting full of ideas as to how we can work as a school community to do our part in improving the environment. They always make it a priority within their busy schedules to pull together awareness raising initiatives within the Senior School.”

Meanwhile in the Textiles Club, pupils have hit the ground running with project ideas since returning after summer. Following the theme of ‘Recycle/Revamp/Revalue’, pupils have been using the skills they have learned to develop ideas of how to repurpose the fabrics, materials and embellishments that have been collected. Ideas of quilts, bags, wall organisers and clothing customisation are all being explored. 

ROAR welcome new members to join, pupils wishing to join can email to get involved. To find out more about Climate Fringe Week 2021 and other initiatives, visit the Climate Fringe website.