Co-curricular programme expands horizons and helps pupils discover new interests

The co-curricular offer at Robert Gordon’s College is widely recognised for the value it brings to a child’s educational experience and operates side-by-side with curricular learning. Pupils can further explore languages, sport, technology, science, social, practical and creative subjects that will open up new ways of thinking and learning. Our caring, inclusive and respectful community is evident throughout the year groups as pupils build friendships and lifelong hobbies beyond the classroom.

Encouraging all children to participate in a wide range of activities, Mrs Webb, Head of Junior School shares: “It is an exciting time for you as a family, as you begin your journey at Robert Gordon’s College - a time where your curiosity allows you to make the most of an extensive curricular and co-curricular programme. 

“The very wide range of clubs available to our pupils enable them to be eager and inquisitive. Each week in the junior co-curricular programme, our children enjoy learning new skills and having fun with their friends as they participate in dancing, singing, makaton, karate and many other clubs available at lunchtime and after school. These are in addition to all our sporting activities on offer. We provide a stimulating and inspiring learning experience where children are motivated and strive to achieve their best.”

At the Senior School Co-curricular Fair this week, pupils grasped the opportunity to browse the vast range of activities including musical theatre, paddlesports, robotics, and Greek Myth and Language.

Mr Buchanan, Deputy Head responsible for the Senior School co-curricular programme highlights: “As well as the fulfillment of doing an activity well, the sense of participation which comes from playing in an band or netball team, participating in a game of strategy, or completing the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award hike, will often remain among those memorable school moments. There is truly something for everyone at Robert Gordon’s College!” 

Mrs Smith, Head of Senior School says: “At Robert Gordon’s College, the community is passionate about sparking curiosity and inspiring appetites for growth through positive social and learning experiences. Pupils across the College can expand their horizons, discover new interests and their own talents, and develop these as fully as possible. This is a critical part of preparing our pupils for their future pathway.”

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