S3 Communities Week: Our day with Aberdeen Cyrenians

Our day at the Cyrenians was nothing short of fun, informative and educational and it definitely exceeded everyone’s expectations. Not only were we taught about financial struggles but we were given scenarios in order to see how difficult it can be to manage them. We were shown the value of food banks and how services like Aberdeen Cyrenians provide for people - all down to the donations and kindness of others.

One way they help people is by feeding them hot food and we got to help out with this. We were split into groups and set a challenge: to use limited ingredients given in a standard bag of food made solely of donations and create a tasty, nutritious meal. Another way the Cyrenians help people is through their food bank. We went to the warehouse after lunch and got to help out in all kinds of ways. We sorted food, boxed up soup to be sent to other food banks and portioned coffee, sugar, hot chocolate powder, pasta and rice. Everyone worked really hard together and we really made a difference.

The Cyrenians are amazing. I would be lying if I didn’t say how amazed and proud I felt of the communities and the people willing to donate and volunteer to the extent I saw in my day with them. I can definitely say that Aberdeen Cyrenians has inspired, taught and shown me the many benefits of helping out and I want to do this in the future as often as possible. I would definitely encourage others to do the same.

By Naira and Jojo