Pupils look to re-design Aberdeen City in RGC’s Creative Design Camp

The last week of the summer holidays saw Schoolhill open its doors for the first ever RGC Creative Design Camp.

Pupils from P6-S2 were welcomed into the Technology department where they were tasked with a project to redesign Aberdeen City Centre. 

After heading out into the city centre to research different city spaces, architecture and looking for opportunities of improvement, the pupils made their way back to the classroom to put their ideas into practice where they learned how to construct electrical circuits and create 3D models and 2D graphics using a number of different software programmes. 

At the end of the week, the pupils presented their final ideas and models to a panel of judges where prizes were given out for Most Creative, Most Innovative and Most Child Friendly. Ideas included a leisure complex for the Broadford Works, redeveloping the Green to be child friendly and creating a modular shelter that could be used in numerous locations around the city.  

Mrs MacLean, Teacher of Technology shared: “The children all came to the camp with enthusiasm and drive to improve by design. They were eager to learn new skills and used them to create models.” 

Mr Lamplugh, Technology Technician added: “It was great to see the children really engaging with the workshop. They always went away wanting more and I loved what they came away with.”

S1 pupil Joshua commented on what he most enjoyed throughout the week, highlighting: “I enjoyed making the bridge because it was challenging and I got to know everyone in my group. I also really enjoyed making the LED lights - I think that is actually my favourite out of them all.”