Amy Read host Asia-Pacific Fire up the Future webinar

The final webinar in the Fire up the Future series brought together a panel of five Gordonians based in the Asia-Pacific region to discuss how to make opportunity out of crisis and explore their career journeys from Aberdeen to the Far East and Australia. 

The session was hosted by former pupil Amy Read (Class of ‘95) from her home in Singapore. Amy is CEO and Co-Founder of Techsembly and also Director and Founder of Gifts Less Ordinary. Joined by Micheal Flynn (Class of ‘88), also in Singapore, John Duffus (Class of ‘64) in Bangkok Thailand, Keith McLean (Class of ‘78) in Melbourne Australia and Sam Hepburn (Class of ‘03) who previously lived in Malaysia and now resides in Kent, England.

Sharing their journeys working in Asia-Pacific, Michael said: “In Asia, businesses are constantly expanding. If you like accelerating things then Asia is the place to do it”.  

Amy added: “If you have a can do attitude and the ability to overcome problems then this is what employers are looking for. People get hired partly because of this mindset”.

Reaching out to those in the audience who may have been just starting out their career,  Sam shared: “Have a plan but don’t be married to it.  Take opportunities and see where you land and if you find yourself searching for opportunities in a crisis then embrace it.  You are often at your most creative when you are problem solving.”

When asked his thoughts on the Asia-Pacific as a land of opportunity and the cultural offering, Keith shared: “Open your eyes to the world and the opportunities it provides, including in Asia-Pacific. Learn by your experiences but also learn by your mistakes”.

Having lived in Asia for more than 40 years, John echoed Keith’s sentiments: “Learn about the culture you are around. When you leave school be flexible - you will be surprised what opportunities are ahead”.

During the sixth and final webinar in the series, Gordonians provided hope that exciting opportunities are on the horizon as well as guidance on how to make the most of them.  

The Fire up the Future webinar series has brought the Gordonian family together in unity during unprecedented times. As we look to the future, our supportive global community will continue to be here to help you innovate, thrive and succeed in a post-COVID world.  

Watch the live recording below along with other webinars in the series through our Fire up the Future website.