Former pupils share University experience

On 10 September 2018 we were delighted to welcome back several former pupils who are currently at, or about to begin, university to speak to current applicants about their experience of the UCAS application procedure and university life. Thanks to Miriam McDonald (Class of ‘17, Medicine, Aberdeen), Cameron Stephen (Class of ‘18, Medicine, Buckingham), Thomas Slater (Class of ‘18, Engineering, Cambridge), Aysha Iqbal (Class of ‘16, Medicine, Cambridge), Anya Morrice (Class of ‘15, Classics, Cambridge),  Rafsan Chowdhury (Class of ‘17, Medicine, Aberdeen), Ross Martin (Class of ‘18, Biochemistry, Oxford) for giving up their time to assist the S6 pupils with their applications.

No fewer than nine former pupils who are currently studying Medicine visited the College on 25 November 2018 to help prepare current applicants for forthcoming interviews. Our candidates were challenged throughout the morning and put through their paces with a series of talks and practical exercises followed by valuable feedback. We are extremely grateful to the young Gordonians for giving up their time to prepare for, and deliver, this valuable training. Those participating were Rafsan Chowdhury (Class of ‘17), Fiona Macfarlane Class of ‘15), Ciara Athawes (Class of ‘18), Miriam McDonald (Class of ‘17), Elise Cranfield (Class of ‘15), Jordan Fraser (Class of ‘17), Sadman Chowdhury (Class of ‘12) and coordinators Freya Oswald (Class of ‘15) and Jess Potts (Class of ‘15).

Mr Montgomery