Pupils collect river data

As part of the Geography curriculum, pupils in S3 made a trip offsite to analyse two rivers and collect data. 

Pupils braved the precarious weather conditions to follow the waters of the Carron which flows into the North sea from Stonehaven and the Den Burn which flows into Aberdeen Harbour. 

All groups started their investigations out in the countryside close to the sources of the river and collected data to find out if they were typical model rivers or not. The top technique was using dog biscuits as floats on the water to calculate river velocity. 

With both rivers prone to flooding, pupils also learned about how the flood risk is being minimised upstream to protect homes and businesses downstream. 

Mrs Gray, Head of Geography said: “Everyone enjoyed getting out of school and experiencing learning in the real world again.” 

The data collected will be graphed and analysed as part of each pupils’ National 5 Geography assignment.