Giving not taking: S3 pupils broaden their horizons

This Monday our fellow S3 pupils are embarking upon many tasks in the local community in the form of volunteer work for S3 Projects Week. The idea of giving has been a very prominent one throughout the year with many of our assemblies focused around ideas of generosity and kindness and although the school is surrounded by a stone wall I think we all agree that it is important that we make our presence in the community a force for good, by giving back to the community in which Robert Gordon’s College is located. We hope that our fellow pupils have a fun time out and about or in school helping others. 

The pupils giving back to the community this week are working on projects which focus on either improving the local environment or helping others. Deputy Head in charge of S3, Mrs Watson, is very positive about the impact these projects can have: “A little bit of our time can change someone’s life … I really hope that it will broaden people’s perspectives.”

As pupils, we are trying to do our part to improve the environment in which we live and learn, so that we can take pride in it and have a sense of belonging there. One such project is the Aberdeen Inspired group which is working to make areas of the city more attractive. Another is the Litter group which is picking up litter in various places in the city and producing an environmental report at the end of each day. Early reports from Mrs Lamont, working with the Aberdeen Inspired group, indicate that public reception of pupils doing community service was positive (yay!). In addition, a green-fingered group will be helping with garden makeover projects across Aberdeen while some pupils inspired by the city’s Painted Doors initiative will be brightening up our very own Art Department.

The theme of helping others is also very important, allowing pupils to experience a range of activities and work with people from all walks of life. This will include working with organisations such as Project Linus, where pupils will put their sewing skills to the test in order to produce cosy quilts for children in hospital and musical performances at residential care homes throughout the city. Some of the pupils will also be going to the Beannachar Residential Centre, where they will work alongside young adults in activities such as taking down a wormery (we look forward to finding out what that entails!) and cleaning an area for car parking. We will be reporting back on the success of all projects towards the end of the week.

We are looking forward to seeing what the rest of this week brings after a very positive start and hope that our year group will be able to help as many people and communities as possible. Watch this space and keep an eye on our social media for more updates.

Thomas, Ella and Lauren (S3 Media Project)


All smiles at Birdbox HQ


Attention to detail is key for Team Painted Doors