RGC Impact Series:  The Future of Tech - Vertical Farming Solutions

Join former pupils David Farquhar, Class of ‘75 and Sarah Willis, Class of ‘97 of Scottish agritech business Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) as we continue the RGC Impact Series celebrating the achievements of members of the Gordon’s Community who make a positive impact on the world. Our second webinar in the series will explore food security looking at the use of vertical farming to grow food any time and in any place.

Winner of last year’s AGTECH Breakthrough Award for Vertical Farming Solution of the Year, IGS secured £42 million Series B fundraising which they announced during their exhibit at COP26. David, CEO of IGS, is a serial entrepreneur and is passionate about tackling global challenges. As a trained chef who is married to another one, he cares a great deal about the food we eat. Sarah Willis is the CFO of IGS and joined the company last year. Sarah strongly believes in the guardianship of the planet and is passionate about the impact technology can have on sustainability in the food supply chain.

The team at IGS have developed platforms that create ideal climates for plants and people. Their technology has been designed to provide access to safe and nutritious food which can be grown in-country, and they believe their innovative approach can overcome the most challenging growing conditions enabling food production all around the world.

Join us to learn more about IGS' approach working towards zero hunger, their amazing growth results from the lockdown period, and the challenges that lie in the year ahead.

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