The Make News! webinar panel

Continuing the Fire up the Future webinar series, Head of Senior School, Mike Elder hosted the first of our industry specific panel discussions focusing on the media industry.

During his 27 years as a member of the Senior Management Team at the College, Mike has been passionate about providing pupils with opportunities to gain experience of publishing and broadcasting through their involvement in various school newspapers and media projects. 

From the chaotic and stress-inducing 'Newspaper in a Day' to the excitement of covering the 2012 Olympic Swimming Trials from the London Aquatics Centre for the BBC School Report, Mike has been immensely proud of the way in which RGC pupils have always risen to a challenge. 

Mike was joined by a panel to examine journalism, the media and education: 

  • David Stenhouse (Class of ‘86), CEO of the John Schofield Trust

  • Laura Alderman, Political Report at STV News

  • Tara Bachoo, current pupil at RGC and member of the S6 Media Group

  • Ellie Chalmers (Class of ‘07), Senior Project Manager for Afghanistan at BBC Media Action

Living in an age when information is so accessible but easily manipulated, it was important that the question “What can schools do to help young people make sense of the news?” was asked to the panel. 

David Stenhouse explained: “The technological barrier to enter into journalism has plummeted. It has changed the profession. What keeps it going is the desire to tell stories. We are all grappling with this challenge from governments, institutions and individuals themselves. Those that feel the pressure of this are journalists themselves.”

Building on this, Tara (S6) added, “Diversity is interesting. The goal should be to have diversity on the panel so you have different people adding a different perspective, thereby improving the quality of the news.”

The full  webinar can be viewed below and to view others in the series, please visit our Fire up the Future page.

This week will mark Mike’s last term at the College.  Mike is refusing to accept that he is 'retiring' and, instead, is looking forward to spending his time 'freelancing'! He is anticipating that this new phase will provide him with the opportunity to take on some creative projects while also enabling him to use his three grandchildren as an excuse for embarking on various random 'adventures'! 

All at the College wish Mike all the best and a very happy retirement!