Mental Health Awareness Week

At Robert Gordon's College our Wellbeing Centre provides our pupils with a quiet space for mindful colouring, a chance to meditate or just a cup of tea with a listening ear. 

Mr Fish, Deputy Head (Pastoral) shares: “At Robert Gordon’s College we take the mental health of our pupils very seriously.  We know that children cannot be successful learners if they are not happy, or if they are experiencing anxiety or stress. We talk openly with our pupils about issues affecting mental health and we encourage them to speak with an adult they trust if they are struggling in any way. The College is fortunate to have access to a wide range of sources of support, from Form Teachers, through to Guidance Teachers, the School Counsellor and the School Nursing Team. We also work closely with Mental Health Care professionals where that is appropriate. This is a key part of our commitment to helping every child to ‘be the best they can be’, developing the resilience and coping strategies to meet the challenges which life presents for us all.”

Nurse Khan adds: “The Wellbeing Centre cares for pupils physical and psychological health. It provides a friendly and welcoming environment for children and young adults to come and talk. Pupils are encouraged to share their concerns and worries, it is recognised that small things can make a big difference. A quiet space, mindful colouring, a chance to meditate or just a cup of tea with a listening ear maybe enough to support a pupil through their school day. If any pupil has a worry which they would like to discuss, they can be assured of sympathetic ear and a supportive response.  At Robert Gordon’s College we do our best to make sure that pupils will not feel embarrassed or reluctant to discuss any mental health problems they may face.”

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