Miss Colquhoun presents at Aberdeen Health and Wellbeing Festival

As pupils across the country commenced their prelim exams, Miss Colquhoun shared insights into teen wellbeing  at the Aberdeen Health and Wellbeing Festival.

Held in the The Beach Ballroom, the event attracted a range of experienced health and wellbeing professionals with the aim of inspiring, motivating and engaging attendees in educational talks and discussions. 

Miss Colquhoun shared: “I was delighted to participate in the annual Aberdeen Health and Wellbeing Festival, where I shared insights on teen wellbeing. I delved into the challenges that many young people encounter, specifically addressing the influence of exam pressures. 

“Stressing the significance of community and support, I also explored physiological factors like sleep that are crucial for overall health, memory function and general wellbeing. The event highlighted an extensive array of local resources promoting overall health and wellbeing, and witnessing the abundance of options for our community was truly delightful!”