Music awakes Sleeping Beauty in Nursery

This week, our Nursery children have been busy reading and discussing lots of different books that they had brought into Nursery to share with their peers. This led to a discussion about the books our parents and grandparents might have enjoyed. In Music, Mrs Massie helped us retell the story of “Sleeping Beauty” using a song with actions, different instruments and a dance that we could all enjoy. During our PE lessons, Mrs Melville used the story of “The Gingerbread Man” and we had a wonderful time playing chasing and running games. We have been so captivated by traditional fairytales that we decided, after much planning and discussion, to transform our role play area into “The Three Bears Cottage”.  The creation of this exciting new context has inspired lots of talk, drawings, literacy and numeracy. Sourcing three different sized bowls, chairs and beds led to discussions about different sizes and amounts. We are wondering who the bears’ first visitor might be?