Netball Pathway from School to National Selection

Robert Gordon’s College Netball community is rooted firmly in the ethos of providing a community for players at all levels, from those who enjoy participation in the sport to those who possess the talent and skill to play at the highest level. It is within this layered approach where opportunity exists for all, where the most fitting sporting pathway for each pupil is available, enabling the netball community at RGC to thrive, as it will continue to do for years to come.

Within the school gates - the early years
Within the College, Netball features predominantly as a core sport which sees pupils spark their love of the game from as early as Primary 2. With dedicated coaching and teaching Monday to Saturday and fixtures on offer from Primary 5 onwards regardless of playing level, it’s no wonder participation levels amongst pupils are soaring.

Every year, the school nominates pupils to attend district trials with great success in both U15 and U17 levels.

From school to Gordonians - taking your sporting pathway beyond school
For those exceptionally skillful players, further opportunity is provided via the school’s pathway to former pupil sporting club, Gordonians Netball. Founded in 2013, Gordonians Netball Club is a home where top school performers can be challenged in the game all the while being supported and nurtured by more experienced players. The club is fuelled by players who have a strong connection to RGC whether that be current PE staff, former pupils or the rising talent of the new generation of gifted Netball players.

The Gordonian Netball’s climb to Division 1 ADNA league was an exciting trajectory which saw a move from Division 3 to Division 1 in three short years, all the while with a steadfast aim and focus being to ensure RGC pupils had a competitive pathway before them. Gordonians Netball remains in Division One, and in doing so, young and talented school players are gaining invaluable experience and the level of competition that will assist them with National Selection. Stacey Hardie, founder of Gordonians Netball Club, shares: “Gordonians netball provides RGC players with the exposure to Division One netball. Often clubs will not place these young players into their top team until they are older. At Gordonians, we believe it is important to nurture and challenge young talent in order to give them every opportunity in the central belt and at National trials. Our culture is one of support and our main aim is to develop these talented youngsters at the start of their elite pathway journey. Over the last few years we have also partnered with RGU students. Giving their top players the opportunity to play club netball at Gordonians while still playing their university BUCS netball as a university side. It has been exciting to see Gordonians across school, university and the club unite together.” 

Gordonians Netball players have achieved incredible historic success in the sport including players like Emily Fraser (Class of ‘10), was selected for the 2014 Commonwealth Games Long Squad, and Stacey Hardie (RGC Head of PE), has also achieved the highest level selection for the Scottish Netball team at the Open European Championships in 2004. This success has continued to thrive and today former pupil Emma Love (Class of ‘17) has been selected for the 2023 Netball World Cup in South Africa and current pupil, Ava (S4) was selected for this year’s Netball Scotland SuperCup and is currently in the U15 Scottish Squad.

The synergy between Gordonians Netball and RGC Netball is evident, the club grew naturally once the obvious opportunity in the school performance pathway was spotted.  And more than 10 years on, Gordonians Netball continues to be committed to nurturing RGC school talent, and put simply, the club does just that.