P6 with First Bus Hydrogen Bus at Countesswells

Last week, pupils in Primary 6 made their way up to Countesswells as a new hydrogen bus of the First Bus fleet made a special stop. 

Interested to learn why Aberdeen City Council have decided to use hydrogen buses rather than electric, pupils were fascinated to hear from a First Bus representative about how the bus stores hydrogen, refuels and the benefits of powering the bus with natural energy. 

Pupils were excited to be taken for a short ride in the local area around Countesswells, to compare the difference between the hydrogen bus and a diesel powered bus. All pupils agreed that they preferred the hydrogen bus and they could definitely see the benefits from using this new mode of transport.

Eshal said: “The hydrogen bus was so smooth as it does not have an immersion or a gear box. It was amazing to think that the bus was simply powered by hydrogen, which is really just water and electricity.”

Mrs Jamieson, Teacher of Primary 6 said: “The pupils enjoyed learning about how green hydrogen and how water and electricity can power the half a million pound bus.

“The pupils were amazed to learn that it only takes 10 minutes for the hydrogen bus to get filled with hydrogen but overnight the bus needs to be plugged in to keep the hydrogen at the correct temperature.”