Nursery children get crafty

Activity from our nursery groups has certainly been colourful with lots of creative activities taking place over the past few weeks. 

The Badgers have been learning about the letter ‘S’ and have enjoyed creating their own ‘S’ shaped art pieces including drawings of other objects and animals beginning with the letter. Some of the Badgers have also been crafting their own front cover for their favourite stories like The Wind and the Willows. 

In the Otters group, recycled materials have been used to create model towns as part of their science module and craft puppets to retell the story of “The Bravest Fish” to their families. The children have also been busy building rockets using 2D and 3D shapes that they have learned about along with numeracy using number flashcards. 

In addition, the children have been learning wild animals in French and many of the children have brought along their toy animals to join the Google Classroom video calls. 

Take a look at some of the nursery activities through the gallery on the right.