Enterprising pupils develop Snack Shack and support two local charities

As part of their Social Studies Enterprise Project, Primary 3 created a break time Snack Shack for Junior School pupils to raise funds for this year's Junior School Charities, Befriend a Child and Home-Start Aberdeen.

The Gordonian Association provided a loan as part of the Annual ‘Junior Seed Capital - Making Pounds Grow’ gift scheme to give pupils the opportunity to learn more about the concept of running a profitable business. Mr Levack, former President of the Gordonian Association, visited the Snack Shack stalls to hear more from the pupils about their enterprising spirit. The Snack Shack made a gross taking of £428.44. 

Emily C said: “It was very successful because the Primary 3 made sure that they advertised the Snack Shack very well using posters and tannoy announcements. This meant the year groups knew when to come.” 

Christo P added: “I loved the experience and particularly enjoyed meeting Mr Levack from the Gordonian Association.” 

Miss Jamieson, Junior School Principal Teacher, summarised: “Organising the Snack Shack encouraged Primary 3 to expand on their knowledge and understanding of their Social Studies Enterprise topic and Maths topic ‘Money’ using a real-life scenario. 

“The pupils have loved the opportunity to conduct market research to compare prices of products using the iPads. They have also gained confidence whilst making announcements about the Snack Shack on the school tannoy system and enjoyed running a successful business. 

“The idea of a Snack Shack came from the Pupil Council, so it has been lovely that the whole Junior School has been able to benefit from this project. A huge thank you to the Gordonian Association for their financial support via the loan. Being a Gordonian myself, it has been lovely to know that our former pupils are supporting the younger generation of Gordonians in developing their entrepreneurial skills.”