P4 and P5 donate Christmas gifts to local hospital

Primary 4 and 5 pupils gathered a range of Christmas gifts to share with children who were spending the festive season in Royal Aberdeen Children's Hospital. Bringing the presents into school Mrs Main and Mrs Rose organised a movie night in MacRobert Hall for the pupils who were surprised to see the amount of gifts donated to The Archie Foundation.

Darcy, P5 said: "We watched Home Alone, which was a funny movie that we all loved. We also got to see all the gifts that had been donated. There really was an amazing amount. I will never forget Movie Night, that's for sure."

Cameron, P4 shared: "We had a normal school day then at 6.15pm we went back to school in pyjamas and onesies. We got to bring a sleeping bag or a bean bag or a giant cuddly teddy bear. Everyone really enjoyed the movie night it was so much fun."