Pharmacologist shares Alzheimer's research with AH Biology pupils

Dr Alison Walker, a pharmacologist and cell researcher at Aberdeen-based TauRx presented her current research into Alzheimer's disease and therapy with pupils studying Biology.

Welcoming Dr Walker to the department, Mr Martin, Head of Biology said: “Dr Walker spoke with one of our Advanced Higher classes about cutting edge tau pathology. She also shared with us the hopes that in the near future we may have a revolutionary new therapy to tackle moderate to severe Alzheimer's disease.

“The students, most of whom are seeking a career in medicine or the life sciences, asked some fantastic questions, including Ailsa P who asked why waste molecules built up over time, and Ryan M who asked about potential alternative therapies targeting other areas of the cell. All the Advanced Higher class were left excited at the idea that Alzheimer's could be even more treatable than ever before in their lifetimes.”