Primary 5 FaceTime with Houston

Primary 5 undertook an exciting project on Tuesday, whereby each Primary 5 class FaceTimed a Year 5 class from the British International School in Houston. This experience was organised to enhance their new Social Studies topic about the USA. The pupils were hoping to gain information about living in the USA compared to the UK and learn about their Thanksgiving events. As it was World Children's Day on Tuesday all the pupils understood the significance of being able to link with one another. 

Primary 5 are going on to share information about St Andrew’s Day, which they have been learning about as part of our RME lessons. This will be shared via an ebook which we are creating during our Digital Education lessons. The Year 5 from pupils from Houston will be sharing some of their work with our Primary 5. This is the beginning of a great collaboration between the two year groups. 

Amina wrote about the FaceTime experience 

“We had an amazing experience when we got to FaceTime with Houston. I agree with the thought of during our Facetime on World Children’s Day because it’s nice to communicate with children on the other side of the world. The most unexpected fact for me was that at the school the children played volleyball. There is a big difference between us and the other school. Our uniform is more formal and we have horseshoe shaped tables. However their tables are fit for two people only. I think they might have more children in their class. One of the girl’s favourite landmarks was the Grand Canyon. I also think they had a bizarre week with the hurricane on last Monday. Over all, I would rate my experience ten out of ten (definetly) because it helped me with my work and I just love it!”