Pupils across Scotland set to explore ‘Psychology in Action’

During the last event of the AGCC Ultimate Masterclass Festival in Aberdeen last week, Steven Bartlett encouraged the audience to “invest in psychology”.

Studying Psychology offers a diverse perspective on human behaviour and cognition, making it a valuable addition to various academic fields. Its interdisciplinary nature enables pupils to apply psychological principles across a wide array of subjects, contributing to a holistic understanding of human thought and action.

The buzz in the city following the conclusion of the 2023 UMF event has intensified the anticipation for the upcoming 'Psychology in Action' conference at Robert Gordon's College next week.

Mrs Clare Smith, Head of Senior School, shared: “We're excited about hosting Higher Psychology pupils and educators from the North East and further afield, providing them with the opportunity to listen to inspirational guest speakers who are esteemed experts in the field, eager to share their insights and knowledge.”

Speakers include Dr. Emma Hepburn, known as "The Psychology Mum," who will delve into the intriguing topic of 'Pesky Emotions.' Dr. Susan Griffiths from RGU will offer insights into the journey in the life of a psychologist. Professor Richard Wiseman will enlighten us about the 'Luck Factor and Sleep Research.' Dr. Doug Martin of Aberdeen University is set to shine a spotlight on 'Rewriting the Script: Gender Stereotypes, Conformity, and the Impact of Generative AI.' Finally, Dr. Carolina Kuepper-Tetzel from the University of Glasgow will share valuable insights on 'Utilising Day and Night to Enhance Learning.'

National 5 and Higher Psychology is a popular choice in the formal curriculum at Robert Gordon’s College, providing valuable support to a variety of disciplines such as neuroscience, business management, sociology, education, and sport.

This term, our Higher Psychology pupils have been busy planning and progressing their research into an aspect of human behaviour. Ms Vlaar, Teacher of Psychology, shared: "It is an excellent opportunity to get hands-on experience of carrying out research on people and all the challenges that dealing with real participants can bring. This will be a useful experience for any of our pupils going on to study Psychology at university as well as other related subjects in Social Sciences, Business and Medicine.”

National 5 pupils have been exploring theories which explain the role of sleep and dreams in our lives. Possibly the most challenging are the psychodynamic theories proposed by Freud. The class used origami to consider the basis of Freud’s explanation of unconscious desires in relation to evolution and basic animal instincts. 

Ms Wylde, Teacher of Psychology, shared: "Introducing origami into our lessons provides opportunities for processing and organising information creatively. Origami also offers wellbeing benefits: it encourages the mind to be intensely aware of the feelings of paper and hand in the present moment, it improves hand-eye coordination and patience. We are looking forward to exploring these themes further at our Psychology in Action Conference.”