Recycling Fashion

MIT student Khanh Nguyen visited the Junior School to speak to P6W about herself, her education and about her interest with recycling fashion. Khanh studies Mechanical Engineering and Product Design at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is very interested in the waste that is produced during the creation of products, in particular, clothes. She takes part in a trash fashion event called ‘Trashion’ where the students make the clothes from recycled items. P6W were amazed to see what Khanh has created and very interested to hear all about her life so far.

Miss Holdsworth said: “What Khanh has done with her ‘Trashion’ is amazing. As a knitter myself I was really interested to learn that there was a 3D knitting machine. It is easy to forget how much you can learn from meeting like minded people. The pupils loved the task and as you can see they produced some very imaginative pieces!”

Abbie said: “It was interesting to learn that engineering is not just machinery, it is actually a huge range of different things. It was exciting to see what the class created with a pile of used carrier bags. Originally my team were going make a hat but halfway the lesson it turned into a puppet. It was really good fun!”