Renowned experts inspire Higher Psychology pupils and teachers

Our inaugural 'Psychology in Action' conference left a lasting impact on both pupils and teachers. 

Throughout the day, guest speakers presented captivating, enlightening, and enjoyable sessions to Higher Psychology pupils and their teachers. This also provided an excellent opportunity for schools nationwide that offer Higher psychology as part of their curriculum to connect and collaborate.

Ms Wylde, Teacher of Psychology shared: “Dr Doug Martin talk on gender stereotyping and AI included a section on cultural transmission within the evolutionary context - these are things that had never crossed our minds before and it has got us talking and wanting to include this more in our teaching.”

Mr Vlaar, Teacher of Psychology commented: “It was a privilege to be able to welcome over 70 visiting pupils and teachers from across Scotland. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with all schools asking for this to become an annual event. I was so impressed with the welcome and hospitality shown by RGC pupils.”

Jess, S6 said: “I enjoyed learning about different kinds of psychology - the day gave something for everyone. It also allowed me to see aspects of psychology in daily life, for example The Psychology Mum’s talk about emotions.”

Elliot, S6 added: “The Magic that Richard Wiseman did was entertaining and linked to cognitive psychology in terms of perception. The videos he showed us and how he’d filmed them for the magic tricks was really interesting.”

S5 pupil Blaire managed the AV production for the conference. He shared: “It’s always so rewarding to be able to participate in these events. It’s allowing me to learn skills I wouldn’t be able to elsewhere and for that I’m thankful!”

Speakers included Dr. Emma Hepburn, known as "The Psychology Mum," who delved into the intriguing topic of 'Pesky Emotions.' Dr. Susan Griffiths from RGU offered insights into the journey in the life of a psychologist. Professor Richard Wiseman enlightened us about the 'Luck Factor and Sleep Research.' Dr. Doug Martin of Aberdeen University talked about 'Rewriting the Script: Gender Stereotypes, Conformity, and the Impact of Generative AI.' Finally, Dr. Carolina Kuepper-Tetzel from the University of Glasgow shared valuable insights on 'Utilising Day and Night to Enhance Learning.'

Mrs Smith, Head of Senior, summarised: “An opportunity such as this allows our pupils to expand their knowledge and understanding beyond the confines of the classroom and curriculum. The Conference was a huge success and will undoubtedly have inspired many young people to consider the benefits of studying Psychology when they leave school.”