Professor Alex Johnstone launches RGC Impact Series

Launching the start of the new RGC Impact Series, member of the RGC parent community, Professor Alex Johnstone delivered the first webinar in the series.

Professor Johnstone is a world-leading researcher in Human Nutrition based at the Rowett Institute part of the School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition at the University of Aberdeen. Having conducted diet trials in studies with children through to the elderly, Alex is particularly interested in the role of dietary protein on motivation to eat.  

Hosted by RGC Head of College, Mr Robin Macpherson joined Alex to learn more about how we can all have a sustainable and healthy diet. 

Focusing on plant based foods, Alex said: “My interest in protein was highlighted when Marks & Spencers asked me to develop a new range of food for them, taking the science directly to the supermarket shelf.  Working with the food and drink industry allows researchers to influence that what is on the shelf is healthy and sustainable.

“Protein remains a promising dietary tool to control appetite during weight loss. You can make a difference by eating what is in season, cutting out food waste and eating more plants. I hope to see new protein developments in the future that meet specific needs of consumers.”

“A single voice won’t make a big difference. We must influence all the stakeholders with evidence based research. This includes the politicians, food industry, consumers and the general public. It feels challenging but can be achieved by sharing knowledge and embracing change in this lifetime and the next.”

Alex’s insights made not only an inspiring but thought provoking start to the series. The RGC Impact Series is new to 2022 and takes the experience of members of the Gordon’s Community making a positive global impact to the forefront. From addressing climate change to promoting neurodiversity, the series will educate and guide on ways to work towards a safer and better future for all.

Mr Macpherson shared: “I was delighted to be joined by Professor Johnstone to launch the new series which has been established to celebrate the achievements of members of the Gordon’s Community who make a positive impact on the world and inspire us to work towards a safer and better future for all.  She is highly sought after in the food industry and has been involved in a number of global research collaborations supporting the relationship between diet and health.  

“Alex has started the conversation and we look forward to continuing this in March when we explore the future of tech when we will be focusing on the world of vertical farming.  This will be brought to us by David Farquar, Class of ‘75, CEO of Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS), a leading company in this area, andSarah Willis, from the Class of ‘97, CFO of IGS.”

A full recording of the webinar is below and to keep up to date and register for future events simply visit the Alumni Events page.