RGC Alliance Group welcome guests as part of LGBTQ+ History Month

The RGC Alliance Group were thrilled to welcome two guest speakers as part of LGBTQ+ History Month. 

Former Otaki School Captain, Dan McFarlane, Class of '11, spoke with pupils and staff about progressive initiatives in Scottish Premiership and League football. As a current Scottish and international referee who is an ambassador of the LGBTQ+ Professionals in Football Collective he encouraged everyone to see the positive changes being made to help all individuals in the football community to be genuinely included for being who they truly are. Many thanks go to Dan for his enlightening, open and honest presentation which opened up discussions for how we as a community at RGC can look to involve our Sport Leaders to help others to be open to respecting all.

Logan Carnegie spoke about his experiences of being a young transgender person. He attended a local school and has progressed through personal challenges to be a confident, personable medical student at the University of St Andrew’s. His open and honest presentation was a pleasure to be a part of and raised many questions from the pupil and staff audience. 

Miss Reid and Mrs Jappy