RGC Online is open for applications

Launching a new external online learning service for students aged 16 to 17, Robert Gordon’s College has introduced RGC Online to equip the next generation with the skills and knowledge to prepare them for a career in Scotland or the global tech ecosystem.

RGC Online offers students across the country the opportunity to study Higher Computer Science and Higher Mathematics being taught by teachers from Robert Gordon’s College. The Logan Review 2020 (a report commissioned by the Scottish Government) highlighted the need for Computing Science to be a major growth subject in Scotland to accelerate the growth of the Scottish and global tech ecosystem. This is to reverse a national trend which has seen a significant and worrying decline in numbers taking SQA qualifications in Computing Science in recent years. 

RGC Online will provide a rigorous and innovative educational experience providing students with live lessons, digital resources and weekend drop-in sessions. These will be taught outside of school time to allow students to attend their current school or homeschool environment with no disruption to their learning. 

Students will also be offered the opportunity to study additional modules in Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Software Engineering and Entrepreneurship which can either be studied as stand-alone modules, or all four can be taken to achieve the new RGC Online diploma. The diploma has been established with the support of strategic partners from industry and universities based in Scotland and the USA who are working on the new modules to further extend the knowledge of students and align with the needs of industry. 

Scholarship places will be available to at least 1 in 5 students to help talented students overcome adversity. The Scholarship will cover the cost of the course, and offers financial support for technology to students who may require this assistance to participate. This approach will help to tackle the digital divide and empower talented students who otherwise might not have the opportunity to pursue a career in the tech sector. 

Robin Macpherson, Head of College said: “We have established RGC Online to offer a new learning experience for students interested in the tech sector. Understanding how and why technology is going to underpin so many careers in the future is an important part of what the school experience should provide. I believe RGC Online offers a new way for students to learn the foundational skills in Computing Science and Mathematics, irrespective of distance, and this is an important step forward in the delivery of education that better aligns with the skills and needs of industry.

“An important component of RGC Online is to offer live teaching, and deeper learning than the traditional curriculum. This is why we have partnered with university and industry experts from the tech sector to offer the RGC Online diploma. I am delighted that the diploma will also be available to all RGC pupils in S5, and it is our intention for students who complete the diploma to be offered a placement with a leading tech firm to help develop their skills in the world of industry.”

For more information, visit the RGC Online website