RGC Online

RGC Online, the web-based tech education programme from Robert Gordon’s College, will host a Virtual Open Event for prospective students across Scotland on February 20th.

Championing a collaborative approach from within its global alumni network, Robert Gordon’s College has worked alongside Robert Gordon University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), to develop the digital education platform, which offers SQA accredited Higher Computing Science in addition to Higher Applications of Mathematics.

RGC Online offers additional tech-focused modules, designed to equip young people with the skills required for future roles in the technology sector. Modules include: Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Machine Learning, Cyber Security, Game Design, and Entrepreneurship.

Now into its second year, RGC Online has been a ground-breaking success as evidenced by an 100% A/B pass rate in last year’s SQA exams for Higher Computing Science.

Elsewhere, RGC Online’s Game Design diploma module was crowned “Best Educational Programme” at the 2023 Scottish Games Awards.

Jess Power, Head of RGC Online, said: "Our virtual open event is a chance to have a look at the possibilities that await in the world of technology. The future is filled with opportunity, and RGC Online provides students with the skills required to be the true innovators of tomorrow.” 

Prospective students and families can register for the Virtual Open Event by visiting www.rgc.aberdeen.sch.uk/rgconlineopenevent.