RGC Pipe Band play COP26

The Robert Gordon’s College Pipe Band were deeply honoured to be selected to play at COP26 in Glasgow on Wednesday 3 November. 

Playing to an audience of ambassadors, change makers and leading minds on the environment the group of pipers from the RGC Pipe Band served the honour of opening and closing the Gala Dinner in the New York Times Climate Hub. 

Mr Sumner, Chief Instructor of RGC Pipe Band, said: “I have never been more proud of our pipe band than I was when performing at COP26. The pipers involved were the most positive standard bearers for our School and Pipe Band community.”

Experiencing the custom built eco-rainforest built inside the Climate Hub, the pupils were thrilled to be involved in this prestigious event and bring musical talent from within Scotland to the global audience. 

Pipe Major, Alex S (S5) said: “It was really great to pipe at COP26 and be part of such a significant movement in Scotland. We were even lucky enough to attend some of the sessions that took place with Nicola Sturgeon and Al Gore.”

Sam R (S5) echoed: “COP26 was an amazing experience and it was great to learn about so many interesting things about climate change and how we can make changes to save our planet.”

Also in attendance was Mr Montgomery who shared: "Our senior pipers had an unforgettable experience at COP26. During the afternoon the group listened to a fascinating panel discussion on Enabling Climate Solutions featuring Al Gore. The evening speakers, including First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, Hub designer Es Devlin and ‘musical pioneer, weirdo and visionary’ Beatie Wolfe were equally inspiring." 

In addition to the Gala Dinner, more teachers will be visiting COP26 to attend the Educators Day on Friday 5 November to understand the role that education can play now and in the future.