S3 Community Projects Week 2019

This last week has been hectic, tiring and eventful. However, it has been one of the most rewarding weeks of our school year and we have all had memorable experiences. Pupils have left each project feeling fulfilled and will take many memories from the past week away with them. Each project has successfully achieved their desired outcome and more, with projects such as the litter group collecting 20 bags of rubbish in one day alone and the media project producing 15 glorious articles. We can certainly say that the pupils have made an impact in the local area and there will be a lasting legacy in the school and in the community.

Moreover, many of the pupils gained vital skills throughout the week, and the experience has helped them on their way to becoming well-rounded individuals with a keen interest in the world around them. Many pupils have had the opportunity to experience how other people around them interact and how they can be active members in their community. Pupils have also understood the importance of volunteering and the positive impact it creates for the recipient and for themselves.

Something that all pupils can agree on is the fact that the past week hasn’t been like a normal school day! The chance to create new dynamics in their school communities by broadening their horizons and widening their friendship circles has also arisen due to the experience. Pupils we spoke to feel they have developed important skills that will stand them in good stead for years to come as they move into the wider world. 

As the whole week was based around helping out the community, pupils had to take part in volunteering with a variety of different charities. This volunteering was a learning experience for all pupils involved and helped teach them about what different charities do as well as teaching them new skills that could be helpful for the future. The pupils all seemed to enjoy the opportunity to help out their community through different means and found the volunteering rewarding as they knew the work they did was going to make a difference to people’s lives. 

We talked to some fellow pupils about their views on the volunteering they have done over the past 5 days; Matthew thought that “Small things we take for granted can really make a positive change.” and Elizabeth pointed out, “You can do nice things for people without expecting anything back”. It is clear from these comments that volunteering really did change students' perspectives.

Overall, the week was a real eye-opener to everyone and it was a common view that the volunteering they took part in was a very rewarding experience that they will carry with them into the future. The projects all achieved a superb outcome and at the end of the week everyone had made a great contribution to the area they worked in. For the pupils, they were able to understand the importance of volunteering and helping others and they understood how it could give them valuable life skills and experience. Pupils were also able to understand that if they put in a little effort, in return they would get a very successful outcome.

You certainly can’t get those experiences anywhere else in the world (yes, we are covering a very large area!)

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