Sami launches cutting edge track and trace software

During his summer holidays, Sami (S5) developed and launched breakthrough smartphone software offering customer track and trace capabilities for the hospitality sector. 

Working with software developers at his father Adrian’s digital solutions company Fennex, Sami has created, fine-tuned and launched the ScanEasy system which offers a three-click, digital solution to collect customer data from visitors in settings such as restaurants, cafes, hairdressers, nurseries, sports groups and others. He spent weeks getting to grips with government guidelines for the hospitality and other sectors to develop, from scratch, a cost-effective, simple solution for businesses seeking a streamlined track and trace method for clients and customers.

Sami shared: “When I had the idea to digitally collect customer information to support the new track and trace requirements, I was excited as I knew I could work with a developer to bring my ideas to life.  I have loved using my skills as well as learning new ones to launch a brand-new app that can help to save lives.”

Prior to the introduction of local restrictions, Sami literally got on his bike to take the application to the local market and his efforts secured three city centre clients including CUP Café, Jojo’s Coffee Shop and Orka Artisan Café.

Angela Kozak, business owner of CUP Café said: ”Lockdown has been extremely challenging for the hospitality sector and as we begin to open our doors, it was vital to have many measures in place to ensure our staff and customers are safe.  There are so many track and trace options out there and when we saw how simple yet effective ScanEasy is, it was a no brainer for us.  When local restrictions were lifted and re-opening was permitted, we were safe in the mind that we could easily monitor customer and staff movements."

Managing Director and Founder of Fennex, Adrian Brown commented: “It is great to see Sami putting his summer holidays to very good use and understand how technology can be used in the world around him. Turning his idea into an innovative digital app to support in keeping our community safe is impressive, and I hope he will see it successfully launched and used by many more local establishments."

ScanEasy has been specifically developed to meet the requirements of NHS Test and Protect protocol and uses a QR code scanning solution which can be easily accessed from any smartphone.  In just a few clicks, customers can sign in and sign out in a way which is fully GDPR-compliant.  Business owners also have a fuss-free interface which enables searching and filtering according to criteria such as time of arrival and departure.