RGC Geography Shanty Town project

Before the Christmas break, S3 Geography pupils set out to improve the quality of life for people living in shanty towns in Africa. 

As part of the population unit in the National 5 Geography curriculum, pupils develop their understanding of migration and urbanisation in less economically developed countries. 

Designed in Mrs McEwan's Geography class, the pupils built models of new housing with the ultimate goal of improving the living standards in Kibera, found on the outskirts of Nairobi and the largest shanty town in Africa.

During the project, pupils discovered the social, economic and environmental problems of living in the shanty town and evaluated amazing local projects that are improving the lives of the people in Kibera.

Mrs McEwan, Teacher of Geography said: “The class brought together their knowledge of Nairobi's climate, its people and economy to design new homes that would meet the needs of the shanty town dwellers. 

“I was really impressed by how creative they were in their design. They clearly understood the needs of the people in Kibera and the financial constraints. With only one cardboard box and basic stationary they were very innovative in how they constructed their models and clearly showcased their ideas to classmates. It was also great for pupils to see a real life application of their geographical studies.”