Alliance Group embraces discussion with Stonewall CEO

RGC’s Alliance Group were very fortunate to secure a sought after virtual meeting with the CEO of Stonewall, Nancy Kelley.

Miss Reid shares: "Nancy led open discussion around issues very relevant to young people and the LGBTQIA+ community. The main focus of the session was to discuss widening the support network including discussions around homophobic language.There was also a guest appearance by former pupil, Michael Sawaryn."

James S (S3) comments: "I am very happy that the school is able to connect with both large organisations and former pupils. This is a big step for the school and hopefully this allows people to accept themselves and others in this community."

Ren F (S6): adds: "The session we had with Nancy was definitely really important to us as an Alliance. She was able to provide us with answers to questions we had and also give us all hope for the future. Having the opportunity to speak with the CEO of Stonewall allowed us to speak freely to someone who we could relate to and look up to."

Michael Sawaryn, Class of '10 highlights: “Well what an amazing call! Nancy is such an incredible human being, and what an example for the pupils."

Thanking Nancy, Mr Macpherson adds: "I'm very grateful to Nancy for her time, and to Stonewall as an organisation for the support they've given us this term. We're working very hard to build a fully inclusive culture where diversity is celebrated, not just acknowledged. This was an important step forward and I'm really proud of the pupils in the Alliance group for their enthusiasm and commitment."