Pupils curate Sustainable Fashion Show to mark the end of 1960s project

The last week of term saw the P6 corridor transform into a sustainable fashion catwalk.

Mrs Chapman, Miss Jamieson, Mrs Park and Mrs Reid set the four classes an exciting task to end their Jubilee Decade 1960s project where they have been studying key events, dance, music, homes and schools in this era. 

Each table designed a fashion item based on one of the four themes: mod rockers, space age, hippies or psychedelic designs.

A pupil-led event, they could bring in resources from home such as items going to recycling or clothing that they were going to put to a charity shop. They were not allowed to buy anything as this was an upcycling challenge.

The music was loud, the crowd was loud and the pupils had a lot of fun designing their show. It was fantastic to see the variety of creations across the outfits.