Former pupil and expert in international relations provides insight into the war in Ukraine

As the world watched events unfold in Ukraine, members of the Gordon’s Community joined former pupil Professor Mervyn Bain, Head of the School of Social Sciences at the University of Aberdeen, for a special one-off webinar on Tuesday 19 March.  

The webinar was designed to help the community gain a better understanding of the situation in Ukraine. Professor Bain is an expert in international diplomatic relations and development issues with a special interest in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia. During the session he shared his understanding of Russian foreign policy and presented a number of possible future scenarios which may develop. Sparking great debate, the thought provoking and engaging session provided members of the audience with the opportunity to put their questions and concerns to the expert.

Hosted by Clare Smith, Head of Senior School, she said, “Since the end of February we have all struggled to comprehend the events in Eastern Europe. I have felt this keenly as a Modern Studies and History teacher as well as a parent and I am sure many others have too. It was wonderful to see the Gordon’s Community come together with great interest in this webinar to gain a deeper understanding of the war in Ukraine with the help of Professor Bain’s insightful analysis.”

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