The inaugural year of the BAAO Junior Astro Challenge unveiled an extraordinary display of astronomical curiosity and intellect as our S2 and S4 pupils delved into the mysteries of the universe. 

Designed to captivate and challenge pupils of all levels, the competition offered a diverse range of problems to solve, pushing the pupils to test their knowledge of both the curriculum and super-curricular aspects of astronomy and the night sky.

Pupils were challenged to answer questions from the history of astronomy, the Solar System, the Moon, observational techniques, diurnal cycles, star patterns, and general astronomical knowledge.

Congratulations to Hashir S (Gold), Grace H (Gold), Tanush K (Gold) and Julia O (Silver), all S4.  Our two youngest participants from S2, Anna F and Emmi W, achieved an impressive Bronze and Participation award respectively.

BAAO Junior Astro Challenge unveils talent of young astronomers