We are delighted to announce the outstanding achievements of some of our Senior School pupils in Round 1 of the British Physics Olympiad. 

Out of a competitive pool of 3137 pupils, representing 482 schools across the UK, 10 S6 pupils have demonstrated exceptional aptitude and dedication, earning brilliant results in the Olympiad.

The awards are as follows:

Silver Award: William C
Bronze Award I: Iris B
Bronze Award II: Aiden L
Bronze Award II: Blair G
Bronze Award II: Amber Y
Bronze Award II: Brodie D
Commendation: Esme N
Commendation: Innes C
Commendation: Jalal B

The competition's aim is to challenge a range of student knowledge, preparation and ability, allowing access for good pupils, whilst also aiming at stretching and challenging the top young physicists in the country in a national competition.

Senior pupils success in Round 1 of British Physics Olympiad