The Senior School Charities Committee is today participating in Christmas Jumper Day in support of AberNecessities and Instant Neighbour.

Mr Sumner says: "Our Pipe Band and Highland Dancers have been working hard to commemorate Christmas Jumper Day. In the absence of a live Christmas concert this musical item below has presented pipers, drummers and highland dancers from across the Junior and Senior School with a chance to come together remotely following such a fragmented year. It has also helped involve some of our younger pipe and drum stars who traditionally may not have been able to take part in the Pipe Band Christmas project.

"The overriding theme running through this musical item has been to get as many pipers, drummers and highland dancers involved and enjoy something colourful, upbeat and festive - over 50 individual home videos and recordings were submitted for this amazing montage of what we do best together. Amazing - turn it up!

"I have been so proud of the way our Pipe Band community has continued to make great musical progress during the pandemic since the online tuition scheme was introduced in March. This bodes well for when we do eventually get back to band practice together - it's going to be an amazing sound and a real musical celebration."

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