The new school session is underway bringing with it two new School Captains. We caught up with Ailsa P and Anish S to find out what they’re looking forward to this year.

How did you spend your summer break? 

Ailsa: I started my summer playing hockey for the Scotland U17 team however on a family holiday I broke my wrist mountain biking so was forced to withdraw from future games. I dedicated my spare time to studying for the medical entrance UCAT exam along with seeing friends, and working on rehabilitation for my wrist so I could get back to the pitch as soon as possible.

Anish: For many people, this pandemic has highlighted the importance of maintaining close relationships with family. During the summer, I managed to visit my terminally ill grandmother in India, despite the many Covid restrictions in place. Fully aware that future school commitments would make it difficult to visit during an emergency, I'm really glad that I managed to spend quality time with her. The experience certainly helped me to mature and see life from a different perspective. The holidays also gave me the opportunity to engage in a wide range of activities. From enjoying my Gold DofE expeditions to participating in online care home volunteering, I certainly managed to have a productive summer.

What are you most looking forward to this school year? 

Ailsa: Clubs and societies are all part of the Gordon's experience and something we haven’t been able to properly take part in, in over a year. I’m really excited for clubs to start up again and getting to know people from outside my own year group.

Anish: I am extremely honoured to have been named School Captain this year. I hope to continue being a role model for those around me and inspire others just as previous school leaders have inspired me. I am really excited to play an active role in the school’s path out of restrictions and am looking forward to enjoying my final year with the hope that Covid restrictions don't dampen the celebrations! 

What are your favourite subjects?

Ailsa: I love sciences, particularly biology and chemistry. I hope to study Medicine next year as I’m really interested in human biology which I was able to study as a Higher during S5. I also study French, I love how it’s so different from my other subjects. It allows my brain to think in a different way and gives me a break from the sciences. 

Anish: Throughout my time at school, I have always enjoyed studying Maths and exploring the subject beyond the school curriculum through individual challenges. I’ve also been very fortunate to have represented RGC in a number of team maths competitions. However, I’m really looking forward to studying AH RMPS this year. Despite the scientific world that we live in, I have always been fascinated with the morals and ethics that underpin society. I’m also excited to delve into the views of philosophers and religious leaders who sought to better understand the mysteries of our world.

Which co-curricular clubs do you participate in?

Ailsa: I love playing sport whenever I can, I particularly enjoy hockey and netball. I play for the school netball and hockey teams. Outwith the school, I play hockey for club, district and Scotland. I also play the violin at the school and enjoy the arts and taking part in school productions. 

Anish: Throughout my time at RGC, I have been keenly involved in the school’s debating societies. From developing my public speaking skills to allowing me to explore various current issues, debating has played a major role in my life. I’m extremely thankful to have represented the school in a number of competitions over the years and I am looking forward to supporting other young debaters this year as opportunities become available.

What's your goal for this year as School Captain?

Ailsa: My goal this year is to try to reform our fragmented community. As a result of Covid, our individual year groups haven’t had the chance to integrate between years. I hope that as we return to a more ‘normal’ school life, we can begin to build up our school community again.

Anish: After the challenges of various lockdowns and blended learning, the return to normal schooling is a welcome relief. With an increased emphasis on mental health and wellbeing, I hope to play a positive role in supporting activities that encourage strong friendships and team building. At the same time, I hope to bring about awareness and participation throughout our diverse school by exploring global issues that form the heart of our society, from climate change to interfaith dialogue.

Name some highlights during your time so far at RGC.

Ailsa: My main highlights at RGC so far would have to be all the different trips I’ve been lucky enough to go on. With the french department, I took part in a french exchange which was an experience of a lifetime. We stayed with a french student in Paris then a few months later they came to stay with us. With the sports department I travelled to Malta and Holland for Netball and Hockey respectively. We played games against teams from across the country and also had lots of free time for leisure and bonding as a team.

Anish: Representing the school. From travelling to London for the Junior Team Maths Challenge to debating at the Scottish Parliament for the St Andrew’s Day Debating Competition, the school has certainly provided me with a wealth of opportunities and experiences that I will certainly treasure for years to come. Being appointed Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet for this session has certainly been a great honour and I look forward to representing the school alongside the Lord Provost while engaging in issues that remain close to my heart.

Anish and Ailsa School Captains 2021-22