After a year of making music in an unprecedented environment, Miss Cook and members of the S1/S2 Choir reflect on their experiences during the last school session.

The pandemic has had huge implications for us all, and in so many ways that we would have never expected. Live music making and in particular, choral singing, have been hugely affected and missed by many.

In March 2020, the S1/S2 Choir were gearing up for their performance at the Spring Concert at the Music Hall. The Choir was 55 strong and the pupils were looking forward to performing after weeks of rehearsals. The concert was unable to take place and since then, the S1/S2 Choir have been unable to meet and rehearse in person.

Instead, the choir has been rehearsing weekly online since August. The experience is very different to a live rehearsal, but it has still been possible to meet and learn new songs in different styles together.

Learning a song online poses different sorts of challenges. Without the ability to hear others beside you, you really have to be confident with your own line. It has unintentionally been a great aural training for the pupils. I have been really impressed by the pupils’ commitment to the choir throughout the year and their enthusiasm for each new song has been lovely to see.

Summer M (S1) said: “I have really enjoyed choir this year, which has been very different to how we would normally rehearse. 

“This year we learnt six songs, and each time we filmed ourselves before Miss Cook edited all of our recordings together. It has been a fun experience and I would recommend taking part in choir to everyone.”

Alice F (also S1) added: “I really liked the song choices this year. My favourite song to learn was ‘Count on Me’. I’m really looking forward to singing in person and actually hearing the other singers in real life!”

Mr Haggart, Head of Music said: “Miss Cook has worked tirelessly with the S1/S2 Choir through a very challenging time. The choir's enthusiasm and musicality bear testament to her hard work and I for one can't wait to hear and see them in live performance again.”

S1/S2 Choir reflect on their year