Making career decisions can be exciting or challenging at any stage in life, but during a pandemic is a particularly difficult time to think big and be bold. The latest Fire up the Futures webinar focussed on making career decisions and how Gordonians at different career stages are managing decisions at this time.

Our webinar host, Bob Ruddiman (Class of ‘83), led the discussion with fellow Gordonians asking them to share their perspectives and experience of leaving school, starting university, starting a new job and how you can reinvent yourself for a new chapter in life. The panel all agreed, there is never a week that goes by when they’re not learning, working and adapting to life’s challenges and opportunities. The panel considered how to find a job or switch career and what to expect in your first year at university, during a pandemic.

Bob is Head of Energy at leading Law Firm, Burness Paull and has been a Partner in law firms for over 20 years holding senior leadership positions across a global footprint with regular travel to and engagement with the leading Energy centres of the World. He was joined by a panel of former pupils:

  • Katrina Stewart, Class of ‘97, Photographer and Content Creator

  • Katy Gordon, Class of ‘16, Student at the University of Strathclyde, Masters in International Business and Spanish 

  • Mervyn Bain, Class of ‘91, Head of School of Social Sciences and Lecturer of Politics and International Relations, University of Aberdeen

  • Cameron Gordon, Class of ‘14, Business Development Executive at The Data Lab

Attending the event yesterday, S6 pupil Katy, said: “As a pupil in their last year at school, it was very interesting to hear from more recent school leavers as well as Gordonians who are further on in their careers having already gone through the processes of making decisions which led to where they are now. It gave me a real sense of hope for next year to know that not all of last night's panellists had an exact plan as to where they wanted to go after school or that they knew what they wanted to do after school but ended up on a completely different path, and that is okay.'

Watch the full live recording of the webinar below. 

As part of our engagement with Gordonians in North America we are pleased to announce - Fire up the Future USA! This exclusive session will feature the perspectives of Gordonians in different cities across the US. Our panel will discuss how a crisis can serve as a platform for innovation and creativity, and share their experience from the knowledge hubs of the east and west coast of America. Thriving for the future, the panel will discuss the importance of an open mind, a positive attitude and how you can adapt your plans to unearth new opportunities. Hosted by Rachel Spatz, Class of ‘03,  Vice President for Marketing at Ninja RMM living in San Francisco. She will be joined by Jonathan Pacitti, Class of ‘99, Will Rhind, Class of ‘96, Euan Milne, Class of ‘06, Paul Gallagher, Class of ’05 and David Milne, Class of '73. Find out more and register your place online.


Bob Ruddiman explores how Gordonians are preparing for the post pandemic world in the latest “Fire up the Future” webinar