Throughout British Science Week 2024, our pupils delved deep into the concept of time, unravelling its mysteries through a variety of engaging activities.

Some of our pupils also participated in a colourful British Science Week poster competition which saw some amazing ideas from pupils as young as Primary 3. Winners will be announced before the Easter break.

Primary 7 Science Spectacular Club pupils crafted rain gauges alongside Mrs Smith and Mrs Jappy to measure rainfall in school.  After perfecting their experiments, Primary 7 ventured to the Nursery where they were eager to share their knowledge and plant the rain gauges around the Nursery Garden with their younger peers. This exciting experiment fostered collaboration, mentorship and a love of science across the Junior School. 

S1 Chemistry pupils were able to link their Chemistry lesson to the theme of "Time" through Evaporation Investigations in the classroom. Pupils investigated different variables that could affect the speed of evaporation; these included changing air speed, temperature and surface area. Pupils planned their own investigation and will be developing their scientific literacy skills by writing a scientific report in their ongoing lessons.

Mrs Jappy, Head of Science, shared: “We were keen to get involved in British Science week this year as part of the new 3-18 Science Pathway. British Science Week is a celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, and has been running for 30 years. The theme this year was Time, and there were a host of suggested activities for all ages of pupils in school and at home. 

“In addition to the British Science Week posters and rain gauges, there were also various curricular lessons linked to time including learning about time intervals in Primary 3, investigating the Timeline of the Universe in Primary 5 and an Evaporation Investigation in S1 Chemistry. 

“The collaboration between Primary 7 Science Spectacular pupils and our Nursery children was delightful to see. Nursery pupils were very excited by their visitors and the Primary 7s involved thoroughly enjoyed the experience and took the leadership opportunity in their stride. We look forward to more exciting partnerships in the future!”

Igniting curiosity and discovery during British Science Week