Congratulations go to RGC CCF Army Section senior cadets Cpl Christina, Cpl Sam and Cpl Juan-Pablo on their selection to attend Ex Sobieska, the 2020 Baltic/Polish Nations Camp, as part of the very first Poland/UK International Cadet Exchange programme. Their success follows attendance at a national selection event, the submission of thoughtful personal statements and highly supportive references by the school which recognised all three as CCF cadets of the highest calibre.

This subsidised activity, offered to the UK’s 500 CCF contingents and Army Cadet Force units across the UK, will involve no fewer than our three RGC cadets amongst the 40 individuals selected. This is an outstanding achievement and a very fine reflection of the work undertaken by CCF cadets and staff at Gordon’s. 

S5 cadet Christina said: "I am particularly excited to have the opportunity to visit Poland, with its rich history and culture. As a generally quiet and reserved student, the ability to speak confidently and the social skills which I have developed through the CCF and also MUN have truly enriched me as a person. I know that Sam, whose family originated from Slovakia, has a particular interest in Polish history and what he refers to as ‘the scars from two separate occupations’. He is excited by the prospect of seeing the county first hand and has already been learning the language. Juan-Pablo is involved in many additional school activities but I know that he feels that the CCF has given him valuable practice in areas such as leadership, teamwork and perseverance.

"We are all looking forward to representing the UK, Scotland, RGC and the CCF and to making the most of this unique opportunity. We hope to build friendships and to ensure that this event, the first of its kind, is seen as a great success as well as being a great advertisement for the involvement of young people, and Cadet Force Adult Volunteers, in one of the UK Cadet Forces."

In the event that this activity does not go ahead this summer, the successful applicants will be offered places on the 2021 trip.

Mr Montgomery