The new session brings a new team of S6 pupil leaders and the return of a wider School Captains Team guiding and supporting the leadership opportunities available across the S6 year group. 

Lucy and Harry, our 2023-24 School Captains, participated in the traditional Brooch and Shield Ceremony in June officially marking handover from the 2022-23 School Captains. With the return of the role of Vice-Captains they are joined by Jefline and Pawan.

Mr Hardie, Head of S6 highlighted: “The School Captains have traditionally performed an important and high profile role at the College, acting as a crucial link between staff and pupils, and proudly representing RGC in the Gordonian and wider community. 

“I am delighted this year to welcome Lucy and Harry to their roles and I am confident that they will make a huge success of it. Even better, this session sees the return of School Vice-Captains to the College and it is fantastic to welcome Jefline and Pawan to a group that have already demonstrated a huge amount of leadership potential in the first few weeks of the school year.”

Lucy shared: “We want to be able to support pupils across the school and have effective communication routes available so that everyone's voice is heard. In addition to this we encourage younger pupils to make the most of all the amazing opportunities available at RGC by getting involved in as many clubs, societies and sports as possible!”

Jefline added: “With this position of responsibility being new this year, I want to set a high standard for the role. I would say the best part about being School Vice-Captain is the constant engagement with the younger year groups and being a friendly face for them around school as well as being a good role model. Being someone that younger pupils can approach and talk to is really special to me.”

The start of session has provided a busy start for the team who have been delivering assemblies across Senior School, working with Prefect Leaders and their teams to ensure the smooth running of crucial daily events like the morning bun and lunch queues, as well as leading prefects who have been assisting with a multitude of parental events such as Information Evenings and S1 Form Teacher meetings. 

They are looking forward to presenting at Junior School assemblies, representing the school at the Open Morning this weekend which is swiftly followed by the annual Founder's Day Service.


New School Captains Team for 2023-24